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Tax Services
Business Tax
We prepare and file Partnership, C-Corporations,
S-Corporation, Non-Profit entities federal and states tax returns.
We provide form K-1 to all partners of Partnerships and owners of S-Corporations and C-Corporations.
We prepare and file employer Quarterly Federal Tax returns Employer’s annual Unemployment Tax Return,
We also provide tax planning for businesses and individuals
And many more….
Individuals Tax
We prepare and file Federal and State taxes for individuals
We prepare and file Schedule C for self-employed/independent contractors
We prepare and help set up Estimated Quarterly Tax Payment for self-employed/independent contractors
If you are under audit or review from the IRS or need to resolve any tax issues with the IRS; you need a tax expert to represent you and take much of the effort off you. We can interact with the IRS, provide information on your behalf and enter into agreements with the IRS, and help you get the best outcome possible. We do represent clients before the IRS for any tax matters. 
Let us connect to see how we can help you!
Payroll Services
We provide payroll services including filing form W-2, 1099 and many more to the federal and state agencies.
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Business Consulting
Starting a new business requires making a number of key decisions; which include the types of business entity to choose and the tax repercussions and the legal ramification that can affect profitability.
Selecting the right type entity for your business entity is very important because of financial and tax impact. That’s why it is critical to talk to professionals who have the knowledge and experience to guide you.
We provide business consulting and help set up business entities such as:
·         Limited Liability Companies (LLC),
·         Partnerships,
·         Corporations,
·         S-Corporations
·         Non-Profit
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Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
We provide Accounting and Bookkeeping Services to help you plan, track and manage your business and stay focused on achieving your goals. We help your firm in Budgeting, Forecasting, Financial Reporting, Financial Analysis, Financial Statement and many more…
Other Services
IT Staffing
We provide Information Technology Staffing services in Microstrategy. We partner with clients to place highly skilled and experienced consultants in Microstrategy.
Notary Services
We provide notary services.
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